Friday, 23 June 2017

Wonder Woman Movie Review

After the release of the DC movie Batman Vs Superman, the expectations of the audience crossed the bars. Though the Batman Vs Superman didn’t do well at the box office to woo the audience, some of the viewers felt the storyline ‘hard to understand’. Anyways, Warner Bros. Pictures with DC Comics has come up with the movie Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman. The storyline is based on Wonder Woman by William Mouton Marston. Let us know about the storyline and find out about the reviews of the movie.

The Plot

The movie is surrounded around the story of a girl who has been practising for war and was getting professional training (her mother and every other person was unaware of that). Wayne Enterprises left a courier for the Wonder Woman when she was in Paris. The courier took her down the memory lane, and she somehow remembered everything about her past, she is known by her name Diana. The story continues, and she came to know that she was being trained for the war of gods. Where previously Ares managed to slew his fellow Gods but Zeus. He manufactured the Godkiller’ and handed it over to Diana’s mother, but she believed that Ares would never return. Contrary to her beliefs about the return of Ares, one day he came back and then the story explains itself. Gal Gadot was then supposed to fight with Ares, in the later stages of the movie.

The Review

As per the IMDb ratings say, the movie has been given 8/10, and the audience made it a huge success. The movie shows that all the women are empowered and are strong.

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