Monday, 19 June 2017

The Mummy 2017 Movie Review

Ever since the release of the last ‘The Mummy’ movies where Brandon Fraser managed to woo the audience and critics by his charm, quick-wittedness and courage, all of us thought that the ‘The Mummy’ series is mummified. But this is not so; Universal Pictures recently released their 2017 ‘The Mummy’ movie. To our surprise, the original cast has been replaced, and more significantly, Brandon Fraser is now replaced by Tom Cruise. Here are the movie storyline and the reviews from critics and audience.

The storyline

The movie revolves around the concept of some princess Ahamnet’s sacrifice to the Egyptian God Set and how she managed to kill her whole family to gain dark superior powers. She even tried to sacrifice her love for the Set and while she was doing that her father’s priests caught her and mummified her for eternity.
In the present day Nick and his onetime affair, probably the one with whom he had just a one night stand went into the tomb and accidentally extracted Ahmanet’s Sarcophagus they left, and it then possessed vail. The movie continues, to a point where they tried to make the Ahmanet’s Spirit return her place again and feel safe.


With just 5.7 stars from IMDb, the movie has got a lot of bad reviews both according to the critics and the audience. The overall negative feedback also made the movie to earn less at the box office.

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