Saturday, 17 June 2017

Cars 3 Movie Review

We all are aware of the Cars and the Cars 2 movie that was released over six years ago and here comes the 2017 sequel, called as Cars 3. The movie is developed and distributed by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The story of the Cars movie revolves around several cars that have the ability to speak, ‘Living Cars’ that is what I would like to call them. They can communicate, show feelings and can share emotions just like human beings. Let us discuss the detailed plot and the storyline of the Cars 3 movie.

The Plot

The whole movie revolves around the Lightning McQueen and some of his friends who have some issues with the villain of the movie called as Jackson Storm. Jackson Storm has been represented as a rookie member who’ve upgraded himself using the newest technologies to enhance his performance. Lightning’s fellow mates either got fired or simply left because of retirement and hence the new members of the league are youngsters who are just like a storm. The new members have used advanced technologies to enhance their performances.
So far so good, the story moves ahead, and they all ran into some issues and had to run some laps, the Lightning McQueen got trained under the trainer Cruz Ramirez. And you know what is going to be in the end right? Well, if not then watch the movie first, we would not like to kill the suspense.


So far, the movie has some decent responses over the box office as the critics, and the audience members are claiming it to be the best movie amongst its predecessor sequels. IMDb rates it at 7.2/10.

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