Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dunkirk: An Ambitious and Emotional Masterpiece

Who was not excited about the movie since the release of the trailer? Simply, everyone was waiting for the movie. Like every time, Christopher Nolan had done wonders with a wonderful and humongous cast including Tom Hardy, Killian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and lot more. It tells the story of the evacuation of 400 thousand men in the middle of the World War II who had every second in danger of being eliminated by the Germans. It is about how these men got off the shores and the way civilians took their personal boats to save the lives, trying to do everything possible to survive like a person might have done in real life.

Dunkirk is a magnificent spectacle. The plot has shown real boats, real locations, real planes and a humongous number of extras that blew the mind and enough to make you completely taken over by it. The entire movie seemed like a long sequence of the attack and how they survived and saved others in the Pearl Harbor. That's the magic! There are no unnecessary fillers where they are having casual conversations just spice up the movie. You're just into the feel from the opening shot of Dunkirk and it is just covering the entire attack! There's basically never a dull moment. In every second, things became little more intense. Talking about the authentication is needless because it belongs to Christopher Nolan! :) 

The length of the movie is perfect for one hour and forty-six minutes. It would have given the impact if it was shorter than it or would have been monotonous if it was longer than the time! Hence, it is just perfect. Overall, it is one of the wonders by Nolan and we appreciate it like every time. 

We ask you to watch it if you haven't yet. IMDb gives it the rating of 8.5. So, what are you still waiting for?