Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Top 3 books to Check out This Week

If you’ve a taste for good reads and wondering which book to go for this week, take a look at our list below
1.       Age of Discovery
Author: Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna
Publication: Bloomsbury
There were once the Gutenberg times and now is the Zuckerberg era, there have been both good as well as the bot so good. This work by Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna discusses the advancements along with the turmoils that the 21st century gave the world with its reforms.
2.       The Crime Writer
Author: Jill Dawson
Publication: Sceptre

If crime is the genre you’re looking for, then this is for you. Patricia Highsmith's name is not new for any crime novel lover. The Price of Salt and Strangers on a Train are the titles still remembered as great works by her. What if we tell you, there’s a novel with Patricia Highsmith as its protagonist? This is what Jill Dawson has for you in The Crime Writer and it truly deserves your time and money

1.       The Girls
Author: Emma Cline
Publication: Chatto & Windus
Who would believe that this is the author’s debut work? Does your list of best books include, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides? then, this one here is certainly a  worthy addition. It is a soulful description of girls’ life as women and you’ll surely fall in love with the author’s work.
So, these are our top 3 picks for this week. For more updates and reviews on books, movies etc. please visit Active Consulting.

Active Consulting Review for GoT Season 6 Final Episode – Gear Up For the winter

Monday has already been quite a fearsome day for everyone. But for past 10 weeks, GoT spoilers have been the new reasons for that. The sixth instalment of the widely followed American Fantasy Drama that is famous for its twisted plot that leaves people awestricken with every episode finally ended this Monday. This time at Active Consulting Review we take a look at this mind-blowing season finale. Though the review only contains a look at the storyline and some amazing, beware of the spoilers.

Reviewing the storyline first, a lot of questions not only from this season but from past few seasons were answered in this episode. As the reputation tells for itself, this season finale also left us with a lot of cliff-hangers to look forward to the next season but this time, unlike its predecessor this episode left the fans with a more satisfying and relaxed ending.
Now coming to the performances, the finale had female brilliance at its best till yet in the series. There was a lot of good acting but we specifically give a shout out for Lena Headey and Bella Ramsey. First, 20 minutes of the episode were ruled by Lena Heady’s Cersei, Bella’s character Lyanna Mormont took away the show with her speech at the near end.
To conclude the season finale is full of shockers and is worth watching. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it and let us know your views. For more updates on GoT and other tv series, movies and books keep visiting Active Consulting.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Standing Out: How Active Consulting is Different from Other Reviewers?

As the entertainment domain is spreading its wings wider, increasing with it is the number of reviewers every day. It turns out that every other guy with a good internet connection and a lot of time is reviewing some movie or some book.
That said, finding a good reviewer is getting difficult. It seems out most of the reviewers are merely working either to get hits on their blogs or practicing their writing skills. The reviews, if not copied from various sources and intelligently edited later, are written in such language that you might want to spend your time reading the book itself instead of its review.

In such times, when getting an easy-to-understand, a genuine review is a difficult job, we have Active Consulting. Active Consulting Reviews are honest and original opinions that are well described yet easy to follow. Active Consulting has a vast social network and is dedicated to providing you with their thoughts about the movies you’re planning to watch or the novel you’re thinking of ordering. Not only is the content genuine but also written in a language that reaches the readers. 

Active Consulting reviews are not just a bunch of golden stars or tomatoes or beer caps or any such nonsense, they’re honest views that the reviewer has after watching a movie or reading a book. The review contains a good description of the subject properly blended with the reviewer’s own thoughts so that you can have a good idea about the specific movie or book. So, if you’re looking for a review that is not a poem in itself, Active Consulting is a name to look for.

Active Consulting: Movie and Book Reviewer

Innovation isn’t something just confined to research fields. Another field with a huge number of creative minds is the Entertainment. And where there is entertainment there has to be a book or a movie. There cannot be a better entertainment than watching a great movie or reading an occupying book.

But as the entertainment industry is growing, more and more people are seeking to enter it in some way or the other. Every day we see a new book title or a movie trailer. And though each of them is a product of some creative thoughts put together in a beautiful and organized manner, there are some which are their just to earn some profit. So the question that stays is how you decide which movie you should go for this weekend? How to know which book is worth your time?

If these are the questions bothering you too, Active consulting is a name for you. Active Consulting provides you with original reviews for movies and books. Their keen observation and vast social network, Active consulting comes up with descriptive reviews for the movie you’re planning to watch or the book you’re going to order. They have an active presence on social platforms such as blogger, twitter and facebook. Active Consulting Reviews provide you a good insight so that you can know if a movie or a book worth your money or not. Their opinions are genuine and detailed and certainly helpful. So if you’re thinking will I like this movie should I buy this novel, you can have an Active Consulting first.