Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Active Consulting Review for GoT Season 6 Final Episode – Gear Up For the winter

Monday has already been quite a fearsome day for everyone. But for past 10 weeks, GoT spoilers have been the new reasons for that. The sixth instalment of the widely followed American Fantasy Drama that is famous for its twisted plot that leaves people awestricken with every episode finally ended this Monday. This time at Active Consulting Review we take a look at this mind-blowing season finale. Though the review only contains a look at the storyline and some amazing, beware of the spoilers.

Reviewing the storyline first, a lot of questions not only from this season but from past few seasons were answered in this episode. As the reputation tells for itself, this season finale also left us with a lot of cliff-hangers to look forward to the next season but this time, unlike its predecessor this episode left the fans with a more satisfying and relaxed ending.
Now coming to the performances, the finale had female brilliance at its best till yet in the series. There was a lot of good acting but we specifically give a shout out for Lena Headey and Bella Ramsey. First, 20 minutes of the episode were ruled by Lena Heady’s Cersei, Bella’s character Lyanna Mormont took away the show with her speech at the near end.
To conclude the season finale is full of shockers and is worth watching. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it and let us know your views. For more updates on GoT and other tv series, movies and books keep visiting Active Consulting.

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