Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Top 3 books to Check out This Week

If you’ve a taste for good reads and wondering which book to go for this week, take a look at our list below
1.       Age of Discovery
Author: Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna
Publication: Bloomsbury
There were once the Gutenberg times and now is the Zuckerberg era, there have been both good as well as the bot so good. This work by Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna discusses the advancements along with the turmoils that the 21st century gave the world with its reforms.
2.       The Crime Writer
Author: Jill Dawson
Publication: Sceptre

If crime is the genre you’re looking for, then this is for you. Patricia Highsmith's name is not new for any crime novel lover. The Price of Salt and Strangers on a Train are the titles still remembered as great works by her. What if we tell you, there’s a novel with Patricia Highsmith as its protagonist? This is what Jill Dawson has for you in The Crime Writer and it truly deserves your time and money

1.       The Girls
Author: Emma Cline
Publication: Chatto & Windus
Who would believe that this is the author’s debut work? Does your list of best books include, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides? then, this one here is certainly a  worthy addition. It is a soulful description of girls’ life as women and you’ll surely fall in love with the author’s work.
So, these are our top 3 picks for this week. For more updates and reviews on books, movies etc. please visit Active Consulting.

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