Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Purge: The Election Year – Movie Review

Writer-Director James DeManco took a good one year before coming up with the third addition to the movie series The Purge. The third instalment has none other than the US Elections for its storyline. So, finally in 2025 after two movies, someone realized how stupid the so-called “holidays” are. Senator Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) goes as far as running as an independent candidate after surviving a Purge herself and losing her family. While against her in the race is Edwidge Owens (Kyle Secor) whose, the main agenda is to maintain the Purge tradition.
As compared to the first to instalments in the series, the third part is likely to please only the die-hard fans of the series. As for those, who are looking for sci-fi horror, this might turn out be a disappointment.
If we discuss the storylines, it seems the third instalment is following the standards set by the second part in the series. The only thing that differs is the constant mention of the utmost importance of Senator Roan’s safety, which is quiet annoying. However DeManco has the script well contemplated and directed, yet it is less likely to gan much attraction for new viewers.
So, to summarize it, it can be said, even after the over the top emotional drama that the movie provides, Election Year has nothing much new to offer from its predecessors. Though the work done by Mitchell as the lead protagonist is appreciable but it is advisable to not keep your expectations too high.

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