Monday, 18 July 2016

Independence Day: That’s Why Aliens Invade Us

The two things that decide the success of an alien invasion movie are the noise it creates and the success it achieves in shutting down the logic gates of the viewer’s. But imagine an alien movie that still presents itself as so distinctively dumb that it actually turns on the viewer’s brains to spot the nonsense. Honestly, according to what Independence Day Resurgence shows us if this is what we have developed since the last 1996 movie, we ourselves should be throwing a welcome bash to the aliens.

Fine, truth be told, Independence Day was never one of the smartest written or directed movies ever. But at least the older one had something interesting to show even if it was Will Smith fighting the Aliens. But in Resurgence the director Ronald Emmerich seems to have successfully taken that away too.

The cast both some older carry forwards like Bill Pull man, Brent Spiner etc. along with younger additions like Liam Hemsworth Maika Monroe etc.
Talking about the plot, this time the daughter (Monroe) of ex-president (the guy who actually came up with the idea of calling the alien invasion as Independence Day) is set to have herself noticed by the viewers for being there against the aliens. While, Dr. Brakush Owen (Spiner) another older character sleeps in coma for 7300 years. And  suddenly while you’re watching all this, the director secretly plays the older Independence Day so that you find a thing or too still interesting.

So, conclusively though the movie has some exciting parts which you will find if you plan to watch it, but keep the expectation bar at zero.

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