Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Active Consulting Movie Review: Café Society

When it comes to romance, you can always rely on Woody Allen to bring out a wonder. The director who brought you Annie Hall has this time come up with a narration of love form 30’s Café Society.

Café Society is a story about Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) nephew of rich agent Phil Stern (Steve Carell). Bobby comes to Hollywood with his uncle to find some work. Here he meets Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) and thus a story of love, heartbreak and a lot more follows in the Allen’s way.

Eisenberg had sort of made an image of a witty, cunning boy whom you love and hate at the same time. After his works in movies like Social Network, Batman V Superman, the Now You See Me series etc. him being able to pull out an innocent foolish character like Bobby was really impressive. Stewart on the other hand equally complimented him during the whole movie. You could feel her in every scene with a liveliness that Allen is famous for putting in his female protagonists.

Talking about the other actors, Steve Carell’s work as Phil Stern was impressive. He replaced Bruce Willis in the movie and there are parts when he did a far better work than Willis could have. 

There were also decent jobs done by Corey Stoll, Jeannie Berlin and, of course, Blake Lively.

Thus, you can find freshness in Allen’s work as he brings you Café Society and the movie is certain to make you fall in love with him even if you don’t yet.

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