Monday, 8 August 2016

Crime Novels: Best 3 picks for 2016

The thrill that good crime writing provides is unmatched for its fans. Every year new talented authors or the old loved ones come up with amazing plots and stories to blow up our minds and we get few more novels to add to our collection. So here are best  3 picks which will surely look good on your shelf:

1.      The Cartel
Author: Don Winslow
The one is a tight narration of the Mexican drug wars that offers a perfect blend of brings facts and the fiction. Somewhat inspired form true events Author Don Winslow did a great job in bringing outAdán Barrera a drug lord and his fight against the DEA agent Art Keller.
2.      Dodgers
Author: Bill Beverly
An old gang member on a journey to kill one of his boss’s enemies has some time for soul searching in the way. This is what author Bill Beverly brings to you. East has a job of killing a witness against his boss and for that, he is headed to Wisconsin with a crew. But in the way, he finds himself confused about his actions and as to why he was chosen for this job.
3.      Is Fat Bob Dead Yet?
Author: Stephen Dobyns
Writing offbeat thrillers that don't follow the traditional way is a brave move. Author SephenDobyns seems to have done it well.His work may seem somewhat away from the reality yet entertaining and thrilling at the same time.

These are the 3 best crime writes that as a crime novel fan you’ll certainly like. For more information, keep visiting Active Consulting Review.

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