Monday, 22 August 2016

5 Must Watch Movies Based on Novels

Books and movies have been joined together ever since the earliest days of film, and adaptations of novels and novellas have constantly provided viewers with the classier end of the film spectrum.

·       Requiem for a Dream (1999) – Based onHubert Selby Jr's novel.
Cinematographing the un-filmable, Darren Aronofsky's depiction pulls
no punches when it comes to conveying the goods. A must see for its
strong core of performances. The character of advertorial presenter
TappyTibbons was created solely for the movie.

·       A Clockwork Orange (1972) –Based on a thin novella by Anthony Burgess in 1962.
It was surrounded by controversy upon release; Stanley Kubrick's
the vision of Burgess novel sparked a furor of debate for its hyper-styled
rape sequence and implied glamorisation of brutality.

·       Cool Hand Luke (1967) – Based on an experience faced by Donn Pearce.
Paul Newmans Luke; a cocksure war hero comes to embody the sense
of hope his fellow captives desperately need to exist. Through a course
of failed escape attempts, an array of legendary one-liners emerged in
this bitter, captivating and often amusing spot of drama.

·      The Color Purple (1985) – Based on American novelist Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.
Steven Spielberg’s period piece scooped eleven Oscar nominations.
Celie, caught in the strife of flagrant sexism and racism, carries the
movie as she seeks strength to overcome her situation.

·       Drive (2012) – Based on James Sallis 1st volume in the Driver series.
Nicolas Winding Refn's rough to take on the life of an unknown driver
bedecked the crummy neon-lit underworld of Los Angeles in this caper 
gone the wrong flick heads for a standing ovation.
It is always exciting to notice how the amazing novels are portrayed in

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