Monday, 8 August 2016

Active Consulting Review: Jason Bourne

We all remember the satisfaction and excitement we had when Bourne finally had his memory back during his last mission. Even if you forget that, the opening scene in the movie quite deliberately reminds you of the same. But what happens when directly Paul Greengrass comes up with the fifth installment to finally let us know what happens next. What you could honestly appreciate was Matt Damon and his bare chest after the Martian.
The plot of the movie seems like Greengrass with his co-writer Christopher Rouse logged into WikiLeaks and picked up the most interesting story they could find, on the first page. In the fifth addition to the bourne series, Bourne needs to help his old friend Nicky who’s out to save the freedom of information. But like all standard Bourne movies, this one also has Bourne chasing the Asset only to reveal the darker scheme when it is convenient.This time, it is Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) who’s after Bourne.
One thing truly appreciable in the movie was the action scenes by Matt Damon. You might find the action sequences to be not so well edited and standard in nature but having Damon in them makes you like them more than they should be.

Thus, the director, the actors, and the whole movie have made an appreciable attempt to meet up the fans expectations. But to be honest, the seems like a bunch of action sequences tied up together like a Matt Damon action Montage and thus, lower your expectations before entering the screens.

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