Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dunkirk: An Ambitious and Emotional Masterpiece

Who was not excited about the movie since the release of the trailer? Simply, everyone was waiting for the movie. Like every time, Christopher Nolan had done wonders with a wonderful and humongous cast including Tom Hardy, Killian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and lot more. It tells the story of the evacuation of 400 thousand men in the middle of the World War II who had every second in danger of being eliminated by the Germans. It is about how these men got off the shores and the way civilians took their personal boats to save the lives, trying to do everything possible to survive like a person might have done in real life.

Dunkirk is a magnificent spectacle. The plot has shown real boats, real locations, real planes and a humongous number of extras that blew the mind and enough to make you completely taken over by it. The entire movie seemed like a long sequence of the attack and how they survived and saved others in the Pearl Harbor. That's the magic! There are no unnecessary fillers where they are having casual conversations just spice up the movie. You're just into the feel from the opening shot of Dunkirk and it is just covering the entire attack! There's basically never a dull moment. In every second, things became little more intense. Talking about the authentication is needless because it belongs to Christopher Nolan! :) 

The length of the movie is perfect for one hour and forty-six minutes. It would have given the impact if it was shorter than it or would have been monotonous if it was longer than the time! Hence, it is just perfect. Overall, it is one of the wonders by Nolan and we appreciate it like every time. 

We ask you to watch it if you haven't yet. IMDb gives it the rating of 8.5. So, what are you still waiting for?

Friday, 30 June 2017

Despicable Me 3 Movie Review

Since the original release of the series, audience was eagerly waiting for the third part of the Despicable Me movie series. Previously a dedicated movie including the minions has already been made called ‘Minions’. The Despicable Me series along with the ‘Minions’ movie was liked by us all. Let us find out more about the Despicable Me 3 movie and find about its reviews. Let us get started.

The Plot

Before going any further let us just first go through the plot of the movie, Despicable Me 3. Gru, who is the lead character and his wife have joined the anti-villain league, and they were told to capture Balthazar Brat (the villain of the movie). They somehow got success in capturing the diamond that Bratt was possessing, and Bratt managed to escape. Gru and his wife got fired. In the meantime, minions left Gru because he became jobless. As the story progresses, Gru met his twin brother Tru, who asked Tru to teach him villain skills, to which Gru denied. Later on, Tru manages to convince Gru and they both capture the diamond and the villain Bratt.

The Review

As far as the audience responses, we’ve got mixed opinions. The Despicable Me 3 obviously failed to do wonders as I compared to its predecessor versions. The IMDb ratings are 6.5.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Wonder Woman Movie Review

After the release of the DC movie Batman Vs Superman, the expectations of the audience crossed the bars. Though the Batman Vs Superman didn’t do well at the box office to woo the audience, some of the viewers felt the storyline ‘hard to understand’. Anyways, Warner Bros. Pictures with DC Comics has come up with the movie Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman. The storyline is based on Wonder Woman by William Mouton Marston. Let us know about the storyline and find out about the reviews of the movie.

The Plot

The movie is surrounded around the story of a girl who has been practising for war and was getting professional training (her mother and every other person was unaware of that). Wayne Enterprises left a courier for the Wonder Woman when she was in Paris. The courier took her down the memory lane, and she somehow remembered everything about her past, she is known by her name Diana. The story continues, and she came to know that she was being trained for the war of gods. Where previously Ares managed to slew his fellow Gods but Zeus. He manufactured the Godkiller’ and handed it over to Diana’s mother, but she believed that Ares would never return. Contrary to her beliefs about the return of Ares, one day he came back and then the story explains itself. Gal Gadot was then supposed to fight with Ares, in the later stages of the movie.

The Review

As per the IMDb ratings say, the movie has been given 8/10, and the audience made it a huge success. The movie shows that all the women are empowered and are strong.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Mummy 2017 Movie Review

Ever since the release of the last ‘The Mummy’ movies where Brandon Fraser managed to woo the audience and critics by his charm, quick-wittedness and courage, all of us thought that the ‘The Mummy’ series is mummified. But this is not so; Universal Pictures recently released their 2017 ‘The Mummy’ movie. To our surprise, the original cast has been replaced, and more significantly, Brandon Fraser is now replaced by Tom Cruise. Here are the movie storyline and the reviews from critics and audience.

The storyline

The movie revolves around the concept of some princess Ahamnet’s sacrifice to the Egyptian God Set and how she managed to kill her whole family to gain dark superior powers. She even tried to sacrifice her love for the Set and while she was doing that her father’s priests caught her and mummified her for eternity.
In the present day Nick and his onetime affair, probably the one with whom he had just a one night stand went into the tomb and accidentally extracted Ahmanet’s Sarcophagus they left, and it then possessed vail. The movie continues, to a point where they tried to make the Ahmanet’s Spirit return her place again and feel safe.


With just 5.7 stars from IMDb, the movie has got a lot of bad reviews both according to the critics and the audience. The overall negative feedback also made the movie to earn less at the box office.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Cars 3 Movie Review

We all are aware of the Cars and the Cars 2 movie that was released over six years ago and here comes the 2017 sequel, called as Cars 3. The movie is developed and distributed by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The story of the Cars movie revolves around several cars that have the ability to speak, ‘Living Cars’ that is what I would like to call them. They can communicate, show feelings and can share emotions just like human beings. Let us discuss the detailed plot and the storyline of the Cars 3 movie.

The Plot

The whole movie revolves around the Lightning McQueen and some of his friends who have some issues with the villain of the movie called as Jackson Storm. Jackson Storm has been represented as a rookie member who’ve upgraded himself using the newest technologies to enhance his performance. Lightning’s fellow mates either got fired or simply left because of retirement and hence the new members of the league are youngsters who are just like a storm. The new members have used advanced technologies to enhance their performances.
So far so good, the story moves ahead, and they all ran into some issues and had to run some laps, the Lightning McQueen got trained under the trainer Cruz Ramirez. And you know what is going to be in the end right? Well, if not then watch the movie first, we would not like to kill the suspense.


So far, the movie has some decent responses over the box office as the critics, and the audience members are claiming it to be the best movie amongst its predecessor sequels. IMDb rates it at 7.2/10.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Angelina Jolie

The most beautiful actress, who literally satisfy this word is Angelina Jolie, the gorgeous name in the big industry of Hollywood. The actress has bagged many awards in her life time and still on the top of the film line race. The actress made her debut as a child with her father, Jon Voight onscreen in the movie Lookin To Get Out. She mainly embarked in the movie career with a low budget movie Cyborg-2,which was followed by her first leading role in the movie Hackers, that was released in the year 1995. After the movie, she tried to establish herself as the top actress and even was able to do that.
  Once, she established herself as the top actress, she bagged many awards that we even can't go for counting it. When coming to her personal relationship, she had a very serious boyfriend, with whom she even lived for two years, but the things didn't work and the two got separated. After sometime in the Hollywood, she had controversial relationships with many actors but at last she made a serious relationship with the actor Brad Pitt and they got happily married. She believes in social service and she always go for it, whenever she get the chance. Right now, she is on for her vacations and possibly celebrating the New Year.    

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Kate Winslet

When we talk about the most romantic and tragic love stories that are adapted in the movie form, we can never ever forget to ponder about Titanic, one of the most ultimate love stories. The movie was such a good piece of work that it won the hearts of many people and gave the two terms of love Rose and Jack. Now, earlier in my posts I have discussed Jack of Titanic and today, I want to talk about the most adorable queen of the story and i.e. Rose.

Now, when we talk about Rose, we all know who played her character; it's none other than Kate Winslet, who is the absolute definition of beauty. Kate Winslet is now 41-year-old senior actress but her acting skills are mind blowing till now. She is not only an actress but a singer too. Her career began in the year 1992, when she made her debut in a BBC popular TV show. After her debut, she auditioned for many movies and embarked on her new acting career and she was very much successful in it. In the year 1996, she began the shooting for the Titanic. There were many actresses, who were being considered for the role of Rose but the destiny of Kate let her play the role. Her performance was praised by every critic and she also received many awards for her role.

Her destiny took an abrupt turn after her work in the movie and she is still taken as a legend in the Hollywood industry.