Friday, 30 June 2017

Despicable Me 3 Movie Review

Since the original release of the series, audience was eagerly waiting for the third part of the Despicable Me movie series. Previously a dedicated movie including the minions has already been made called ‘Minions’. The Despicable Me series along with the ‘Minions’ movie was liked by us all. Let us find out more about the Despicable Me 3 movie and find about its reviews. Let us get started.

The Plot

Before going any further let us just first go through the plot of the movie, Despicable Me 3. Gru, who is the lead character and his wife have joined the anti-villain league, and they were told to capture Balthazar Brat (the villain of the movie). They somehow got success in capturing the diamond that Bratt was possessing, and Bratt managed to escape. Gru and his wife got fired. In the meantime, minions left Gru because he became jobless. As the story progresses, Gru met his twin brother Tru, who asked Tru to teach him villain skills, to which Gru denied. Later on, Tru manages to convince Gru and they both capture the diamond and the villain Bratt.

The Review

As far as the audience responses, we’ve got mixed opinions. The Despicable Me 3 obviously failed to do wonders as I compared to its predecessor versions. The IMDb ratings are 6.5.

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