Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Active Consulting Movie Review: Storks

Active Consulting Movie Review: Storks
Imagine a kids’ movie that is probably made for kids but not quite meant for them. This is what Storks is for you. Writer Nicholas Stoller who also co-directed the movie brings you an animated kids’ movie that extends one of the oldest kid-parent joke “Where do the babies come from? Storks” The movie has the emotions and love of family with the sense of individual strength well embedded in its central theme, which fulfills the basic kids’ movie requisites. But you watch it the storyline seems a teaching more to parents than to the little ones.
Talking about the story, Storks is about delivering babies, like picking them up from the factory and bringing to your doorstep (Yeah you got it!). The task was once done by Drones but since they are now busy delivering more important things like, you know, smart phones and stuff the tasks goes back to old reliable Storks. Thus we see how the best one among these storks fixes a little mistake in the whole baby delivery process

On the surface Storks seems like any other kid movie, like for the fact, it is animated. But it has essentially its audience in adults and more specifically the parents. Both the directors Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland have done a marvelous job. But if you’re expecting a Frozen kind of animated flick to enjoy with the kids, this might not be the best choice for you and your kids. For more movie reviews and updates keep following Active Consulting Review.

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