Monday, 26 September 2016

Movie Review: Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones’s magic lies in giving us a portrayal of ourselves on screen, struggling with weight, self-worth, and love. Does it actually work when Bridget has 2 similar good men fighting over her, possesses a good job, an array of decent friends, and is ultimately pregnant?

The good news is that the film is absolutely there when it is to have the best laughs out of awful romantic situations and that Zellweger returned in the scene unaffected by the new controversy on her, embracing it, given the name geriatric mothers.

Charming as Dempsey is, in spite of being a mathematician who has made his economy by calculating the quantum equations for love, it is not clear what actually attracts him to Bridget. The film does no effort to pose a relationship that is, after all, meant to establish a competition to Mark, the boundless Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.
Helen Fielding, the writer of the books on which the films are based and Maguire; the director has co-written the script.

Once the film is in the latter months of pregnancy, and Bridget continues to remain confused among Mark and Jack, who really fathered her child, the film leaves the fun zone, takes you to the world of disbelief. And that is too in spite of Thompson having the hands-down no-nonsense and hilarious gynecologist guiding the 3 of them along.

Active Consulting reviews: Bridget does not experience an easy time bearing that child. Still, for the rest of us, it is really a labor of love.

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