Sunday, 6 November 2016


Critics Consensus: Monotonously formulaic, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is one action thriller sequel whose title also assists as a warning.
Directed by Edward Zwick and written by Lee Child (based on the book "Never Go Back" by), Richard Wenk (screenplay) , the movies casts  Tom CruiseCobie SmuldersAldis Hodge as lead roles.

Jack Reacher must unearth the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name. On the run as a fugitive from the law, Reacher uncovers a potential secret from his past that could change his life persistently.

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) isn’t a talky person. He’s a loner with no middle name and no permanent address. He lives in fleabag motels, gets around by hitchhiking, and tends to converse with his fists, though only after repeated warnings have failed. He is not, to put it slightly, father or husband material.
Never Go Back isn’t the most favorable subtitle for a sequel, but Tom Cruise revenues with reasonable honor as Lee Child’s taciturn ex-army drifter-cum-Übermensch-without-portfolio. Jack Reacher, directed by Christopher McQuarrie four years ago, was splendidly to the point, and this follow-up by dependable veteran Edward Zwick (Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai) is equally fat-free. Admittedly, it’s also a touch flavor-free, but it smears itself to telling its story single-mindedly, with a minimum of digression and frills. Here, Reacher teams up with a courageous teen (Danika Yarosh) and a US army major (Cobie Smulders, from Agents of SHIELD et al) who’s been targeted by a nefarious Halliburton-esque corporation. They all run a lot, but you can tell that this franchise has been set up as a way for Cruise to get somewhat less strenuous exercise than in Mission: Impossible. Possibly to minimize distraction, the supporting cast is on the bland side, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of Robert Knepper, the inimitable abject T-Bag in TV’s Prison Break.

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